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The FluxTable is a table bought at FluxCards Inc. for 75 million dollars. It may only hold 3 cards, but the BPS (Bitcoin Per Second) of Flux Cards will be increased by certain intervals so long as they are bound to the table. Certain Flux Cards will be multiplied by certain intervals...

  • The FluxCard150, FluxCardSlim, FluxCardSlimV2, FluxCard200 and FluxCard350's BPS are all multiplied by 2. (5.22, 7.8298, 8.613, 18.27 and 20 BPS respectively.)
  • The FluxCard Omega's BPS is multiplied by 1.5. (5850 BPS)
  • The FluxCard Omega X's BPS is multiplied by 1.3. (15470 BPS)
  • The FluxCard Omega Z's BPS is multiplied by 1.1. (19690 BPS)

Additionally, Flux Cards Energy Consumption is also increased while bound to the FluxTable.

Upgrader 1.PNG

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Flux Table will not work on other cards (Such as Dant Cards, Solaris Cards, or any other cards that is not supported by the Flux Table)